About us

Northern Diamonds Academy of Dance believes children gain enormous benefits as well as great pleasure from proper dance training, whether or not a dance career is the goal. Our main focus is to provide quaility dance training in a fun, safe, energetic and creative atmosphere. Our goal is to utilize the art of dance in teaching students positive skills that will last a lifetime. It is our belief that a child who experiences dance develops an understanding of what dedication, hard work and discipline are all about. Dance involves and challenges the mind as well as the entire body. An exhilarating sense of achievement can be felt as each new skill is mastered. Our studio is dedicated to developing your child’s individual artistic and physical strengths, encouraging their inner passions and building their self-esteem. We encourage all our dancers to develop a positive self-image. When children feel good about themselves they are free to learn and grow. We offer both a recreational and competitive program, to better meet the needs and aspirations of all students.

We are able to assure quality dance training through the dedication of our qualified staff. Our teachers are life-long learners, who annually participate in continuing education opportunities. We believe progress can only be made with mutual respect between our faculty, our students, their parents and families. Every single child entering the studio is important to us. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies and souls of our students, and to teach them the skills needed for a happy and successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance.